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Welcome! This site contains my personal experiments with computers, the web (HTML, JS), programming as well as various information I collect for my own use. It's not made to provide outstanding content to the univers. It's just my own playground. So don't expect much. My programming skills are unfortunately rather limited, so most of the stuff here is just copied and pasted from more able people. Nevertheless, I have great fun to discover, learn, document and experiment with this things and maybe you can find some inspirations for your own work.

Special thanks goes to the people from neocities.org who provide this amazing hosting service. It allowed me to move my experiments from my local host environment to the web. Thank you very much!

api testing

Quarto d3-graph-qmd-oberv-test10

endless ongoing

eloquent43 eloquent44 eloquent53 eloquent54 eloquent55 elo-array54


This page, no the entire site is under endless ongoing construction !!!

p.s. even worse than my programming skills are my spelling skills. You might find plenty of writing errors. You're allowed to keep them.